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Let Them Talk

Sometimes changing the way people think isn’t about changing the way people behave. In this case, TEDx used typical human behavior to help spread its message effectively. The best campaigns are usually the most natural ones. Not that I would expect anything less from TEDx, but this campaign is pretty damn brilliant.

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China Gets It (…Up)

If you can’t say it, show it. Not only is this just an awesome idea in general because it fully gets the message across, but it also wins major brownie points for getting around a huge obstacle.

Lesson learned: if there are restrictions inside the box, maybe it’s time to get outside of it. That way, you’re not only getting around any restrictions, but you’re also making a splash while doing so. You’ll be miles ahead of your competitors, who didn’t even bother trying.

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You’re Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link

This campaign seriously blew my mind. After watching this video, I couldn’t help but think how strange it is that the majority of agencies don’t challenge new employees like this. I’m a little sick of seeing job postings that ask for resumes and portfolios. If you’re asking candidates to apply in conventional ways, you’re setting a standard expectation for conventional work. Change the way things are done right from your first point of contact… and this is the type of amazingness that you’ll get.

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Rethink Your Strategy

Super excited to finally be seeing some campaigns done by Rethink Canada. And not one, but two, different campaigns that are both based on the same concept. While some might mistaken this for lack of creativity, it actually demonstrates brilliance since they’re able to show us how this same strategy can be used by any company.. from a bike shop to a cooking course.

Taking something mundane, such as a business card, and turning it into something that is actually useful for their customers. Firstly, it’s unconventional so it’s bound to stand out and get some attention and WOM (Word of Mouth) among friends. Secondly, it’s useful for your customers.. specifically designed for them and something that will actually benefit them – an incentive for your customers to actually carry your business card around. Thirdly, you become the expert. Since the business cards (or baking paper, in the case below) are directly related to the service you provide, you are demonstrating how you can help them. This way, they’ll go to you for advice or help when they need it. And, of course, they have your business card.. so they’ll know how to reach you.

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Say It Like You Mean It

LOVE this idea. What better way to get your message across than by being true to it. Your message is who you are as a brand, and every extension of the brand needs to represent that message. If your product is natural, use natural materials to promote your product.

ALSO, audiences love to be involved. This was done within the span of 10 days, so people within the community actually became a part of the process, and watched what was being added every day. It adds to their curiosity, and also makes them feel as if they had a role in it – they were there from the beginning and saw how it went from a plain scrap of wood, to a beautiful billboard. Not only does it mean more because they actually see the process of how it went from nothing to something, but they may also feel a sense of ownership in it because they were there from the beginning. The stronger the connection, the more likely they’ll be loyal to your brand.

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How to Save a Life

Whenever there’s an issue, we tend to solve it by avoiding the situation rather than helping it. When it comes to bridge suicides, we put up jail-like bars so that people won’t be able to jump. We don’t actually help them solve any issues they might have. In fact, we only make things a little harder.

This is a brilliant campaign because, as any successful campaign, they target the audience at the place which they go to and in their time of need. What better time to tell somebody that you’re there for them when they need you most. Telling them “You’re not alone” at the time when they feel most alone.

On the other hand, it sucks for people that go to the bridge to see the view. However, I think they’ll survive.

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Shut Down.

Can’t say I believe that this campaign actually had an impact on human behaviour, but it’s nice to think that just a ¬†little bit of creativity can do that every once in a while.

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