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Let Them Talk

Sometimes changing the way people think isn’t about changing the way people behave. In this case, TEDx used typical human behavior to help spread its message effectively. The best campaigns are usually the most natural ones. Not that I would expect anything less from TEDx, but this campaign is pretty damn brilliant.

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Fake it, till they take it.

It’s often really difficult to get people to understand the importance of voting. I think this campaign really hits you hard though, because it actually shows the effects of not making your own decision. This gives people the desire to take control of their lives, and really appreciate the freedom that they have. As we all know, most of us don’t appreciate things until they’ve been taken away from us. So, it’s awesome that this campaign fakes a society without democracy, until the audience is able to appreciate its importance. Once the audience is really able to take in the impact that democracy has on their everyday life, the chances of them voting will most likely be greater.

Youth is usually a big target for voting, since most young people don’t often vote. I love that they hit the target at the movie theatres. It would be cool if they took the campaign even further, by actually showing the effects of not voting for a government- so pretending to raise taxes, etc. Cost is always a good way of getting people’s attention, as we saw from the Ogilvy Drunk Driving Campaign.

Key lesson: Experiential marketing is about making people experience things so they have a better understanding of the benefits that your product offers. Sometimes you want them to experience life with your product, other times it’s more effective to get them to experience life without your product.

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Fashion saves lives.

Challenge: Volvo was celebrating the 50 year anniversary of their 3-point seatbelt. But in this region seatbelt usage is low. So, how on a shoe-string budget (USD 32,000), do we celebrate the anniversary and engage people?

Through fashion, of course. Volvo targeted its youthful audience in the malls, and showed how fashionable it was to wear your seatbelt. They made magazines, and ravecards, showing the different styles. In addition, they teamed up with a store, and had live mannequins at the front wearing their fashionable seatbelt styles. The campaign blew up, and people were even taking their own pictures and posting them online.

This campaign idea is awesome, because it really takes into account the perspective of the target audience. Conventional marketing wasn’t encouraging seatbelt usage, so they spoke to the younger crowd the way they want to be spoken to- through fashion and trends. Makes you think that maybe this is the answer to other issues, such as drunk driving. Maybe instead of positioning drunk driving as something that is bad and kills people, we should make it “cool” to take a cab home if you’re drunk. There’s nothing cooler than taking a cab when you’re completely smashed. You can take videos and pictures. Maybe get a few celebrities doing it, and you’re set.

Just a thought.

(Via: Direct Daily)