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Rethink Your Strategy

Super excited to finally be seeing some campaigns done by Rethink Canada. And not one, but two, different campaigns that are both based on the same concept. While some might mistaken this for lack of creativity, it actually demonstrates brilliance since they’re able to show us how this same strategy can be used by any company.. from a bike shop to a cooking course.

Taking something mundane, such as a business card, and turning it into something that is actually useful for their customers. Firstly, it’s unconventional so it’s bound to stand out and get some attention and WOM (Word of Mouth) among friends. Secondly, it’s useful for your customers.. specifically designed for them and something that will actually benefit them – an incentive for your customers to actually carry your business card around. Thirdly, you become the expert. Since the business cards (or baking paper, in the case below) are directly related to the service you provide, you are demonstrating how you can help them. This way, they’ll go to you for advice or help when they need it. And, of course, they have your business card.. so they’ll know how to reach you.

(Via: Ads of the World)