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Say It Like You Mean It

LOVE this idea. What better way to get your message across than by being true to it. Your message is who you are as a brand, and every extension of the brand needs to represent that message. If your product is natural, use natural materials to promote your product.

ALSO, audiences love to be involved. This was done within the span of 10 days, so people within the community actually became a part of the process, and watched what was being added every day. It adds to their curiosity, and also makes them feel as if they had a role in it – they were there from the beginning and saw how it went from a plain scrap of wood, to a beautiful billboard. Not only does it mean more because they actually see the process of how it went from nothing to something, but they may also feel a sense of ownership in it because they were there from the beginning. The stronger the connection, the more likely they’ll be loyal to your brand.

(Via: The Inspiration Room)