So, the Yellow Pages does it again. While it makes sense that the Yellow Pages uses a local campaign, I think local celebrities can work for any brand.

What I really like about this campaign is that the brand goes big with it. If they just used this local celeb via social media, which many campaigns do, it would not have been as effective. They pulled the audience in via commercials first. I’m a huge fan of connecting commercials through a story.. keeps the audience entertained, and makes them actually want to see the commercial (to see if it’s a new one, or to see if they missed something important the first time around).

So let’s face it. Nobody cares about a chocolate bar that tastes a certain way. They just care that they got to be part of the experience. They feel like they know the local celebrity and they want to help him in achieving his goal. And, of course, there are also the people that just want to criticize his actions. Either way, people enjoy being part of the experience when it’s made closer to home via local celebrities, businesses, landmarks, etc. Getting local residents involved throughout the process is KEY.

Obviously, it also helps that the local celebrity is really goodlooking. Average Joe, my a**.

(Via: The Inspiration Room)


One response to “Localebrities.

  1. I’m surprised I’ve never seen that before, quite a remarkable campaign.

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