Feeling it.

Here are some awesome examples for getting your message to people at the right time and place.

With an audience that doesn’t want to hear your message, it’s extremely important to target them when they’re willing to listen. Domestic violence is a really sensitive topic, and I think they were able to address it in a private and thoughtful way. As a service, you want to show your target that you’re there for them- when they need you the most. The fact that you only see it once you open up the make up case is a little sneaky, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do in order to make them listen (This is obviously a special situation in which the audience would choose to avoid help, despite needing it).

This concept can be used in other ways as well. For example, a car insurance company that reached its audience in parking lots. This way, they’re reaching the target market during a situation in which the target is trying hard to avoid getting into an accident, and probably worried if they don’t have car insurance.

When it comes down to services or products that are usually avoided or delayed because they’re not exciting, it’s best to reach out to the target in situations when they would need you. Sometimes you have to create the situation for them (ie- car insurance campaign…. when do people mostly think they’re going to get into an accident? parking lots), other times you just have to reach them when they’re going through the actual situation (ie- the domestic violence organization… what are the steps that women take during/after domestic violence? conceal with makeup).

(Via: Ads of the World)


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