Ohhh, it’s on.


Porsche has declined taking part in the challenge, and now MINI is trying to start a petition to get Porsche to change their minds.

It seems that Porsche is taking the high road, which makes sense based on some of your comments. But that’s it. Kinda boring. In order to make magic, you gotta take risks. It would have been nice to see Porsche do something really cool with this…

Porsche’s Response (Via: Amir Jaffari):


The Head of Mini (U.S.) has challenged Porsche to a race. I love this concept because it makes Mini look ballsy, and I think that’s their biggest issue as a brand- cute but not all that ballsy. This concept works out really well for them because nobody actually expects them to win, but everyone loves an underdog. By bringing Porsche into this, they’re gonna get awesome publicity no matter what happens.

It’s great to see that Mini has implemented an integrated communication strategy, including facebook, NYT, etc. This way they’re hitting all different target audiences and making sure that everyone knows about it. As well, it puts more pressure on Porsche to get involved. And it worked, as Porsche has accepted.

Interested to see how the brands will handle the actual race. This is kind of similar to the billboard rivalry between BMW and Audi, which was spun in a way to get fans involved. Hoping to see some of that here, as well. Looking forward to seeing what happens!

(Via: AdFreak)


3 responses to “Ohhh, it’s on.

  1. Mini is owned by BMW. So I’m not surprised they’re doing this thing too. I’d be pissed if I were Porsche though. If I were Porsche, I wouldn’t do anything about it or even acknowledge it. They’re not even in the same class of car… The Audi Vs. BMW are almost in the same class, but not Mini Vs. Porsche…It would definitely lower the brand image of Porsche if they do anything about this stuff…

  2. Love this and not sure it hurts Porsche to participate. could be worse if they don’t. Just participate and be gracious in victory (or defeat). Take out an ad congratulating Mini on a fight well fought. I think they race, win or not and then shake hands and don’t sweat it. perhaps better to learn from it by participating.

  3. i think mini wins no matter what. from a marketing perspective they spin a “mini vs. porsche” loss as a kind of “aw shucks it was worth a shot and we cost less” and a victory as “YEAH BABY!!!”.
    curious to see if porshce acknowledges at all. wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t.

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