Abracadabra: Scented Banner Ads.

This campaign is quite brilliant. Sometimes the client doesn’t know best, but you have to find a way to make it work. I love that they found a different perspective on digital marketing, and used it to help the consumers experience the cologne scent.

This campaign demonstrates the art of pulling off a magic trick: they’re telling the consumers that the banner is scented, which doesn’t make any sense, so viewers can’t help themselves but challenge the ad. This is awesome because it gets their attention. The important part is pulling through with the trick. Once the viewers realize what’s going on, they can’t help but smile and gain some respect for the brand.

Great way for giving your brand a fun personality, and of course, you’re bound to get more attention if you do things differently. The one issue I have is that I don’t know how many people go to LAN houses (It’s possible that they’re more popular in Brazil), and if they’re really reaching the right target there. Depends which kind they’re going to… It might be interesting to hold this campaign at computer labs on university campuses, if that’s possible.

(Via: I Believe in Adv)


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