The world is your billboard.

Billboards may be flat, but your campaign doesn’t have to be. BMW Singapore thinks outside of the billboard by using interactive 3D projectors. From this, along with other campaigns such as the McDonald’s interactive phone billboard and the Netherlands PSA billboard, we get a chance to see all the cool things that can be done with some wall space.

What I love about this campaign is that it’s taking place on some office buildings around Singapore. The possibilities are endless: reach your audience wherever they are, and turn a mundane wall into a fun, interactive advertisement. And let’s face it, 3D just makes everything that much better.

Note: After watching some other videos, I’ve noticed that they offered an SMS feature, where the audience could text in a message that would be shown on the “billboard”. Not the most creative, but it’s a good way of getting the audience involved.

(Via: Ads of the World)

UPDATE: Just saw this Samsung 3D projection billboard… and I have to say, they put on a way better show. Check it out and let me know what you think!

(Via: Moinid)


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