The Tyrannybook (Not to be confused with Trannybook)

So I recently mentioned this Amnesty International campaign on Twitter but, since then, I’ve taken a closer look at it and am truly impressed. The purpose of Tyrannybook is to create awareness for the actions of World Leaders, and their violations of Human Rights. Users are able to choose which leaders (aka tyrants) they would like to “watch”, and then the organization (and other users) are able to update the tyrants’ profiles, as they continue to violate Human Rights.

This is an awesome campaign. Definitely a creative way of building awareness for a good cause. Everyone knows how to use facebook, so it’s cool to see a familiar concept being used in a different way. I love that Tyrannybook is its own separate website because it doesn’t blend in with the other Facebook apps. On the other hand, it may have been a smarter call to make it an app because, to be honest, how often are people going to check out on its own. Nonetheless, I think it will generate a great initial buzz, and I’m very interested in seeing where it goes.

(Via: Ads of the World)


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