The car that became a burger.. Hmm.

The Brief:
Relying on a quite limited budget, BMW in Brasil needed to spread strikingly and distinctively to trend setters and potential buyers the arrival of the MINI Cooper to the country.

In a partnership with Lanchonete da Cidade fast food chain, one of the trendiest in Sao Paulo, we developed the Cooper Burger, a sandwich inspired by the origin of the car, made with typically British ingredients. Besides the meal, upon the order, the customer received an exclusive place mat and a coupon for a test-drive and a 10% rebate on the acquisition of products from the MINI Lifestyle collection.

• Over 5 thousand sandwiches sold in just 2 months
• Over a thousand test-drive performed, bringing forth twice the expected sales for Brazil
• Highlight in targeted television programs, newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites
• Today, the sandwich is part of the restaurant’s permanent menu


So, this a great case for knowing your target audience. They’re reaching their market in a place where no other competitors are. I like that it’s not just any fast food restaurant, but the trendiest one in the area. I also think that this works really well for the MINI, because it is such a retro car, and most trendy burger joints also have that retro feel. This campaign may not have fit so well with any other type of food.

Overall, this is an interesting campaign, and it demonstrates that you can really find an opportunity to market your product anywhere. First find out where your target market is going, and then find a way to reach them in those locations. Cool.

(Via: Ads of the World)


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