Why I love Axe Campaigns.

I don’t love Axe because they get people to strip down to nothing. I don’t love Axe because they somehow teach girls that it’s cool to drop down on all fours if a guy is wearing a certain scent. I do, however, love Axe because they know their target audience and stick to it.

Whether they’re saving the world one shower at a time, or donating clothes, Axe stays true to its fun and sexy Gen Y attitude. Brand consistency like no other. A lot of brands tend to forget this. For example, take Pepsi and its Refresh campaign. Love the fact that Pepsi is trying to change the world rather than wasting its money on Superbowl ads, but umm.. what happened to the young, fun and sexy Pepsi we grew to love? Going through the Pepsi Refresh Project website, it seems like they’re targeting Coke’s audience.

I love Axe because they show that despite having a totally degrading brand personality, you can still stand for great causes. Axe is an awesome example of a company that does great work, while staying true to its brand. Although some might see this video as tasteless, I think their target audience knows better. And that’s all that matters, right?

(Via: Adfreak)


One response to “Why I love Axe Campaigns.

  1. I actually use Axe hair gel, body wash, and anti perspirant because they smell good and also partly because of their commercial. I think their commercials are actually stupid cheesy, but they subliminally works…

    Btw, keep in mind that Axe and Dove are owned by the same parent company (Unilever), but they have a totally different marketing approach.

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