The King does it again.

I’ve read a lot about augmented reality, but this is the first time I’ve ever actually seen it implemented into a campaign.

CORRECTION: I’ve seen augmented reality implemented into campaigns a bunch of times. Most times however, it’s really just used as a game. An extra thing that consumers can do for fun. For example, Iron Man 2 or GE.

Awesome, and brilliant: Burger King uses augmented reality to show consumers what their dollar bill is worth.

I’ve posted a video featuring a customer’s actual experience, as well as a link to see the CP+B’s Webby campaign video. They definitely have my vote.

To get a better understanding of the campaign, watch the CP+B campaign overview video here.

This campaign is different for various reasons. It helps the consumer in the process of actually buying the product. In addition, I really like this campaign because consumers don’t need to print anything out, or buy the product before taking part in the AR fun. It ties in really well with the concept of banner ads, because when using a banner ad, you’re mainly trying to get people to go on to your website. In doing so, you want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for them. While I’ve seen the AR stuff before, I’ve never tried it out for myself due to lack of access to a printer at the time. I think this is a brilliant way of user banner ads.

With the help of CP+B, Burger King has really been successful in implementing new trends into its campaigns. As we’ve seen from past campaigns, such as the Whopper Sacrifice, they are always exploring and taking advantage of new opportunities in technology. Definitely a great example of a company that is willing to take risks in order to create magic. That being said, word of mouth is never an issue for them.

Register and vote here.

It’s been about an hour, and I’m already seeing some more augmented reality campaigns. Here’s one from Dentyne.

Is this the future of online banners? Or is it already the expected?


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