The Diesel “Be Stupid Campaign” gets smart

I’m hoping you’ve already heard about Diesel’s Be Stupid campaign. While it’s an interesting campaign and it definitely gives the brand a fun personality, the message has been getting a lot of negative feedback. What do you expect though, when you’re teaching an impressionable generation to act stupid.

Diesel has finally positioned stupid as the new smart through this promo that took place in Geneva…

I love it, because it makes people act stupid in a smart, resourceful way. You have to admit these people look stupid trying to break the ice in the middle of the street. As well, you have to be a little “stupid” to actually stop and think to yourself “Hey, I’m going to break that ice to get a free pair of jeans.” Buttt it’s so smart, because they’re using their brains to come up with resourceful ways of breaking through the ice, and in the end, they’re the ones that just scored a free pair of jeans.

Great way to tie in the campaign with the message, as well as the product. Also a great way of reaching their target audience- the people who are “stupid” enough to actually stop and break the ice (or just watch!).

(Via: On The Ground Looking Up)


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