Creepy Cool

Tonight seems to be the night for #StrangeCampaigns.

First, I found this really odd twitter campaign from Uniqlo. If curiousity doesn’t get the best of you, I suggest not going to that link. It will trip you out and you won’t know what to do with yourself for about 5 minutes. And then you’ll spend another 5 minutes thinking about how much you want those first 5 minutes of your life back.

Thisss campaign, on the other hand, is a strange but cool campaign held in Amsterdam. Those walking by would find a water well randomly placed on the sidewalk. They look into the water well, only to see the reflection of someone else. I’m not quite sure how, perhaps through video, but the reflection then goes on to explain to the audience the issues of water around the world. So, basically, you look into a well to find someone else staring back at you and explaining the issues of water. It’s a little creepy, but it’s cool. (Hence the title of this post).

So this is the third campaign on my blog based on water. It’s the second campaign describing the issues surrounding water. Apparently you need to freak people out, when it comes to discussing water issues. Not sure how I feel about scaring people into believing things, but I do think it is effective. When it comes to world issues though, it’s not enough to explain the problems. Campaigns should also teach us what we can do in order to help.

(Via: On The Ground Looking Up)


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