The Big Debate

So, I’ve been sitting on this one for a few days now. I have a love hate relationship with this video. I definitely agree that sometimes unconventional marketing campaigns can be blown out to the point where they have nothing to do with the actual message or product, however, that’s the difference between a brilliant campaign and a total miss.

I definitely agree that print can be effective, but I don’t think it is as effective when it’s used alone. Most campaigns use print, which makes it hard for a brand to stick out if only using print. Think about it: as ridiculous as the zoo campaign sounds, it definitely would get more attention and awareness than a regular print ad. So while this video mocks unconventional marketing, and makes a good point in terms of needing to relate to the message, it also demonstrates the awesomeness of experiential marketing. You can’t say you didn’t get a little excited by the zoo idea. If a company can properly relate the campaign to a key message, then I think a campaign which integrates all forms of media is much more effective than a typical print campaign.

I do like the cut of their jib, though. An A for humour.



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