Smile: You’re on Camera!

I love this campaign, because everyone acts different when they’re on camera. So while it gives the target audience that feeling of “Oh, we should be doing something about this”, it doesn’t embarrass them, because they aren’t actually capable of doing something at that moment. At first I thought it would be more effective if they could actually do something to stop the violence, but now I realize that this might have a greater impact on the way they will behave in the future. Rather than just being some fun game, it gets them to participate, but in a way that fully plays on their emotions. Next time they feel that way, they’ll hopefully remember this campaign.

Another thought: I know it’s earth day and we want to save paper, but maybe they should have had the “victims” handing out ravecards with the 4 tips. That way people won’t leave only thinking about the cool concept, and the actual objective of teaching the tips will be met. Also, integrated communications strategies are always most effective. While an interactive billboard campaign is awesome, it’s always good to hit the consumers from other directions (print, tv, etc). Awesome campaign though.

(Via: Ads of the World)


4 responses to “Smile: You’re on Camera!

  1. The problem is, even after we watch that video, if we see someone else get beat up/ shot… we don’t want to get shot too. If it’s a barehand fight, we could probably help, but if weapon involved…na ah…

  2. Haha you’re right, but they give other options. I mean you could take a picture with your phone, or just call for help, you don’t actually have to get involved in the fight!

    It is a good point though. It’s hard to know how effective this campaign really is.

  3. Great find. I love this idea.

    (And also the use of the xx as the music.)

  4. Agree with Jon with both points.

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