McDonald’s has some fun with Mobile Marketing

So, Creativity Online is being a jerk, and somehow has the only video for this campaign. Check it out if you’re a subscriber, or just register for the 7 day trial.
Click here to see the video for this awesome campaign!

The Campaign- An interactive billboard. People are encouraged to “catch” an image on the billboard with their camera phones. The image of the product they “catch” is the product that they will get for free from a certain McDonald’s location, once they show the picture. Only one product is available each round, consisting of either a pie, sundae, or coffee. The images on the billboard go by pretty quickly, so it’s not as easy as it seems.

This campaign is really cool because it’s interactive, yet easy. You don’t need a smartphone, and you don’t need to download any crazy app. All you need is a phone with a camera.

I can only imagine how stupid people probably looked trying to catch the different products in front of the billboard, and I don’t doubt that some people were probably too embarrassed to actually stop and do it. Nonetheless, it’s a cool campaign that thinks outside the box. Often when we hear about mobile marketing, we think about coupons and apps. This is a different, fun way to get the consumers involved, attract attention, and also drive customers to the store. Impressed enough to cheese this blog up and say I’m lovin’ it =)


**UPDATE: The video has made its way onto youtube!


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