The Yellow Pages fight back (…with Pizza?)

A new hidden pizza joint has recently opened up in Melbourne. The pizza is free, and so is the lemonade. Not familiar with hidden pizza? Neither was I. Basically, the venue just isn’t publicized. According to the restaurant’s website, the only way you can find the joint is by looking it up the typical way one would look up any business.

So..through Google, right? Wrong.

The only way to find this pizza joint is by looking it up through the Yellow Pages. While not officially confirmed, there is much speculation that this is a campaign being run by the Yellow Pages… which is freakin awesome. What better way to get people back to using the yellow pages? The pop up venue has been serving 500 pizzas a night, and will continue to do so until April 25th. That’s a lot of people using their services.

This campaign has caused a lot of controversy, however, since the hipsters may feel “duped” by Yellow Pages.. but cmon, they’re getting free pizza. It sucks to have a corporate feel to something that sounds so underground and awesome, but Yellow Pages is definitely creating awareness for its brand. If the company has upped its game, and created a really efficient search engine, this campaign could potentially bring back a lot of customers. Essentially, this campaign is just a good way of forcing people into giving their services a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance right? Especially if it involves free pizza.



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