Well, if nobody else is gonna do it.. Why not?

Finally, somebody gets it.

When you have something as big as Chatroulette, why not take advantage of it?

Harley Davidson pulls off this campaign with absolutely no effort and no budget involved. I know the results number of 170,000 contacts per week is kind of BS because it’s Chatroulette.. but still, they are creating awareness for the brand. It also makes you think of the reach that the medium has. If they can reach that many people with a stupid sign, think about how many people they could actually, meaningfully reach with a well-thought out and budgeted campaign.

Obviously you need to think about your target audience, but it doesn’t mean that they’re the ones on Chatroulette. Your target audience can be the group of people that watch Chatroulette videos on youtube all day! On April 1st, Dr Pepper took advantage of Chatroulette by posting their April Fools Prank. There was a bit more effort put into this campaign, and it shows. The youtube video itself has gotten over 260,000 views.

Makes you think, maybe Chatroulette might be the answer to going viral?

For now, at least.

(Via: Ads of the World)


2 responses to “Well, if nobody else is gonna do it.. Why not?

  1. Thanks for sharing this… I think I’m gonna go to chat roulette to whore out my blog and see how many hits I get now. 🙂

  2. Let me know how that goes!

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