Stella makes me tingle…

Risky? Not so much. This concept has been used a billion times before, but for some reason, this Stella campaign gives me the tingles.

To begin, the fit could not be better for Stella. Classy as hell. They’re basically telling you that Gatsby drank Stella.. which is awesome, because I love Gatsby and I know you do, too. As cliche as it is, girls want to be with Gatsby, and guys want to be Gatsby. With the campaign revolving around this Jacques D’azur (Gatsby-like character) and the Cannes Film Festival, it does not get much classier than this.

Most of us can’t afford yachts or Cannes, so this campaign is definitely pushing a Cinderella Story. The videos are short and sweet, so you feel the need to watch them all (or at least I did). While it’s a bit of a search to actually find the contest details, I’m loving this campaign. It speaks to the viewers and builds Jacques into an actual character. Using Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook, they’re able to take this even further (And how often do companies integrate Wikipedia.. so that’s pretty awesome).

I don’t think I’d follow the Twitter account, but I did enjoy reading their tweets..

@vanityfairmag Jacques despised banks. He kept all his money under the mattress on his yacht, which is why he needed such a big yacht.

So, yes, while not the most creative campaign, I still think it has a spark of magic. It’s effective in the sense of positioning Stella properly, and doing so in an exciting way. If they made the contest details a bit easier to find, this campaign would get a thumbs up from me. Don’t worry Stella, you can still buy my approval with a free trip to Cannes.

(Via The Inspiration Room)


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