Flyvertising Anyone?

I had enough trouble wrapping my head around moonvertising.. but Flyvertising? Umm, what does PETA have to say about this one…?

(Via: Ads of the World)


2 responses to “Flyvertising Anyone?

  1. I think flyvertising would be very annoying. If I ever get approached by one of these flies, it will make me hate the company and would probably tell people to not buy anything from them.

    I can’t imagine walking around minding my own business and these flies fly around carrying ads like it’s nothing.


  2. Haha agreed. I posted this because it’s definitely unconventional marketing, but I don’t think it’s very effective. While it may end up being something that you talk about all week, there would most likely be too much focus on the flies, as opposed to the brand. Unless a company has a cool way of integrating flies into their campaign message… hmm… Otherwise it’s just annoying to have flies buzz around you, or whatever it is that flies do.

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